Black Faces of War: A Legacy of Honor from the American Revolution to Today

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Black Faces of War: A Legacy of Honor From the American Revolution to Today. Robert V. Morris. Zenith Press. 160 pages; color and black-and-white photographs and illustrations; index; $30.

Black men and women have served the United States in wartime since the American Revolution. Black Faces of War traces and honors this rich legacy through an extensive collection of images and servicemembers' stories.

Organized chronologically, the book pays special attention to World War ?, including chapters on black women's contributions to the fight and soldiers' contributions in Europe and the Pacific. Much of the text is anecdotal, using specific experiences of black servicemembers to illustrate the greater whole.

Author Robert V. Morris, a lifetime member of AUSA, is the son and grandson of infantrymen who fought in World War II and World War I, respectively. Their stories are prominently featured in Black Faces of War. Morris' grandfather, James B. Morris, led the all-black 366th Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces, in World War I France. …