Bob Dylan in Concert-Brandeis University 1963

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Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan In ConcertBrandeis University 1963

Bob Dylan has, over the past 50 years, become such an epic figure ? as a songwriter, singer, guitarist, and performer ? that it's easy to forget that at the outset of his career he was just a brash, skinny kid with a guitar and a persona that owed too much to Woody Guthrie. Bob Dylan In Concert ? Brandeis University 1963 captures the 21-year-old singer at the point when he appears to be finding his voice and becoming, well, Bob Dylan: the social critic, jester, lyric poet, and troubadour who captured the world's imagination. His first album, Bob Dylan, had been released a year earlier and flopped. His second album, Freewheelin', which would put him on the map for good, would not be released for some weeks yet. But this May 10, 1963, concert, in which Dylan was an opening act (for Jean Redpath, Jean Ritchie, and Pete Seeger), shows him to be confident, relaxed, by turns funny and biting, and especially, a writer of prodigious talent ? …