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Concerning the recent article in Sea Classics, "Mad Marcus: Vietnam War's Real Life Captain Oueeg?" (March 20H), I highly recommend that your readers read Neil Sheehan's The Arnheiter Affair (New York: Dell, 1973) before deciding whether or not L/Cmdr. Arnheiter was treated fairly by the Navy. Sheehan compiled a 352-page narrative based on interviews with many of the officers and men of the USS Vance, includinq L/Cmdr. Arnheiter, himself, and his conclusion is completely opposite to the one reached in the article. The version of events in the article is very similar to the one with which L/Cmdr. Arnheiter inundated the press after his dismissal from the command of the Vance.

Cmdr. James J. Gebhard, USNR (ret.)

State College, PA


The article "American Export line's Four Aces" by Robert McLaren, in the June 2011 issue, discusses how multiple-panel murals by Saul Steinberg were salvaged from TAMUs Texas Clipper before it was scuttled as an artificial reef off Galveston. The murals had been mounted in the bar aboard the American Export Line Four Ace SS Excambion, but were then covered over when she became the Texas Clipper.

The article concludes, stating: "The 52-yr-old Texas Clipper, exExcambion, ex-USS Queens [APA103] was taken to the Beaumont Reserve Fleet in Texas. …