Training with the Italian Red Cross

Article excerpt

LONGARE, Italy- As part of the unit's international partnership, a 7th Civil Support Command civil affairs unit conducted military-to-military training with doctors, medics, physicians and first responders from the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross here, Feb. 5-6, 2011.

The M2M training, hosted by Company A, 457th Civil Affairs Battalion, 361st Civil Affairs Brigade from Vicenza, Italy, was focused on medical and disaster response. The two-day training event included a demonstration of various methods to evacuate and move casualties in a hostile or peacetime environment and culminated with Situational Training Exercise lanes. The lanes combined situational awareness with medical evaluation and evacuation.

'This was a very informative and instructive event in which we were faced with two different medical treatment techniques, American and Italian," said Lt. Mauro Baratto, an instructor for the Italian military from Padova, Italy. "We've learned a lot from your techniques, and you have learned a lot from our techniques."

For the first round of M2M training, a year ago, the civil affairs Soldiers focused on Combat Life Saver training, and for the second round of M2M training, the Italian military built on these CLS skills by providing instruction for this year's training.

This learning process will help tremendously to increase the life expectancy of someone injured on or off the battlefield, said Baratto.

Five local national instructors at the Longare conference facility center provided the training to about 15 civil affairs Soldiers and 25 members of the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross. …