Bringing the Training to the Troops

Article excerpt

ORLANDO, FIa. - Some Army Reserve, National Guard and Reserve Officer Training Corps units in remote areas of the country will receive marksmanship training via the Mobile Engagement Skills Trainer 2000 (EST 2000) starting May 2011.

The Product Manager for Ground Combat Tactical Trainers (PM GCTT), Lt. Col. Charles Stein, says the delivery of the mobile EST 2000, or "proof of principle" follows the initial fielding of the unit. According to Stein, the idea is simple: mount a five-lane EST 2000 on a mobile, self-powered, semitrailer, and bring it to remote armories and readiness centers to support weekend battleassembly training.

"The mobile EST 2000 will also come with a technician who will ensure the system is set up to meet the unit's training plans before the battle assembly starts and will then transport the system to its next scheduled location," said Stein.

The EST 2000 has three modes of training: marksmanship, collective tasks and judgmental use of force. This provides Soldiers an opportunity to practice with their weapons individually and as a team.

"We're looking forward to jump-starting this proof-of-principle initiative. It's based on the old saying in the Reserves, 'Bring the training to the troops, not troops to training,'" Stein said.

"The whole idea is to provide this simulator to units that currently don't have EST 2000s, and allow them to accomplish training objectives that they'd normally have to drive for several hours to accomplish," Stein continued.

He initially observed a mobile EST 2000 being used by the Israeli Defense Forces, who are heavily reserve-based, and said he was impressed by what he saw. "Even though Israel is a relatively small country, they value the efficiency of not hav relocate entire units to train on a system the normally have at their local reserve centers."

The proof-of-principle is an experiment to document the viability and versatility of making these kinds of big, complex simulators mot prototype Mobile EST 2000 will be based In the central United States starting May 201 1, and will be available to Reserve, Guard and ROTC units through February 2012. …