Shenzhen Promotes Itself as A High-Tech Hub, as China Beefs Up Antitrust Credentials

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With an audience as full of Chinese citizens as of Americans, officials from the City of Shenzhen touted its appeal as a center for high-tech investment at a conference in New York City in October. Conference attendees heard Shenzhen officials and local business people describe the southern city- in Guangdong province- as the ideal location for high-tech, American-backed ventures. Guangdong has Jong been a major hub of low-cost Chinese exports to the world. With a highly educated workforce, modern infrastructure and proximity to Hong Kong, Shenzhen is transforming itself into a high-end exporting center, conference speakers said. They also promoted China's overall attractiveness and the industrial strengths of Shenzhen, industrial espionage and copyright infringement- key concerns for innovationdriven, patent-heavy high-tech ventures- were raised by members of the audience. In response, speakers said Chinese authorities have shown a commitment to improving legal enforcement of regulations ensuring fair competition. …