Your Redesigned Judicature

Article excerpt

Six times a year. Judicature examines the most important and relevant issues in our American justice system - serious and timely content, to be sure. This month, it is my pleasure to introduce the new aesthetics of how we will present this content to you. Welcome to the newly redesigned Judicature, with new layouts, a new color scheme and an updated and stylish new logo.

Most of us who work in the courts or academy do not pay a lot of attention to the intricacies of graphic design and typography. Legal documents follow a standard, predictable format; there are comparatively few style points. But experts in the art and science of how we comprehend the written language understand that a document that is visual and legible is a document that is better-understood. Style does count, and it enhances the substance.

Judicature has been published continuously since 1917, and AJS has adopted and retired multiple logos in its nearly 100-year history. As you can see from the examples on this page, the look and feel of this respected publication have evolved over the years. And, yet, it has been nearly a decade since judicature has undergone a change in its visual design that resulted in much more than an updated logo on its masthead.

That is why, since the beginning of this year, AJS has been engaged with LoveScott, a professional marketing and public relations firm, to carefully review and implement a new brand strategy for an acrossthe-board redesign and re-branding initiative. It does not take a marketing expert to understand that how we present our brand determines future growth, continued success and value in the marketplace. …