Transforming Scholarly Publishing through Open Access: A Bibliography

Article excerpt

Bailey, Charles W., Jr. Transforming Scholarly Publishing Through Open Access: A Bibliography. Houston, TX: Digital Scholarship; 2010. 176 p. $15.95. ISBN: 978-145378-081-7.

Charles W. Bailey Jr. is well known in librarian circles for his compilations and commentary on open access publishing, digital copyright, and repositories for digitized scholarship and collections, among other areas of interest. Bailey has been a frequent contributor to various library and scholarly email discussion lists with links to his digital bibliographies and brief introductions. In 2005, he founded Digital Scholarship with the purpose of publishing and distributing his work in both paper and digital formats, as well as a related blog, DigitalKoans. Perhaps his most well-known bibliography, the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography, has been updated more than seventy-five times and now appears in an annual print edition as well as the electronic format, according to the appendix "About the Author."

Transforming Scholarly Publishing Through Open Access is another in a growing list of Bailey's self-published works. The paperback edition is sold for $15.95, and it is available free in open-access digital format through .org.

Bibliographers perform a critical role by compiling and bringing order to the world of knowledge, with careful consideration for what is most important and seminal in a subject. Bailey is a master of compiling lists of articles, web pages, white papers, and books on a particular topic and distributing them to a wide audience. However, Bailey does little to help readers understand his selection criteria and his understanding of the significance of these citations. This bibliography, like the others, is extensive and well organized with topical subheadings. A preface helps readers understand what "open access" means and what models are available. …