Civic Engagement - A Family and Consumer Sciences Tradition

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Point of View

We come not as professional educators, not as meddling philanthropists, not as mere dabblers in social movements, but as a company of men and women who feel that there is a deeper significance to movements for social betterment.

Ellen Swallow Richards, 4th Lake Placid Conference, 1902

Family and consumer sciences professionals (FCS) have a long history of addressing public policy issues. We need to continue this legacy of civic engagement. For many members of AAFCS, our family policy work occurs at several levels: international, national, state, and local. It is critical at this point in time in the United States that FCS professionals be proactive at all of these levels. We need to continually address the challenges of family and societal ills in the area of family resources such as money management, housing, climate change, health, food and nutrition, and family relationships.

With such great needs in our lives, it is interesting that there are now fewer AAFCS members and FCS professionals in the work place to step up and take action. Our society needs us to take the critical first step of renewed civic engagement. There are plenty of opportunities as educators, researchers, and advocates to work together and address the needs of individuals, families, and communities.

The next step of civic re-engagement is to be actively involved in our Association. Napoleon Hill writes in his book The Taw of Success in Sixteen Tessons about the thirteenth law of success - Cooperation. …