Books for Caring Professionals

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The broadcast of the PBS program And Thou Shall Honor in October, and publication of its companion book of the same title by Rodale Press, headed a long list of media recently released for family caregivers. In addition, books and other media increasingly are being produced on eldercare issues for professionals. Following are notices about some of them.

Elder Care and Service Learning: A Handbook, edited by Susanne Bleiberg Seperson and Carol Hegeman (Westport, Conn.: Auburn House, 2002). "This is not a standard textbook," the editors state in their preface. "Rather it is part text and part resource manual, with equal measures of basic information on aging and advice on how to succeed in your service-learning experience." Service learning in aging, they explain, now involves a wide range of direct service experience in assisting elders as part of at least 14 academic disciplines, among them nursing, sociology, psychology and architecture. In seven sections and 34 chapters, this book covers subjects including communication skills, such as, for example, the dos and don'ts of conducting oral histories; and eldercare issues, policy and history. Although much of the text is original, many of the chapters are well-- chosen reprints, some of them quite lively, such as an excerpt from Mitch Albom's best-seller, Tuesdays with Morrie.

Ethics in Community-Based Elder Care, edited by Martha B. Holstein and Phyllis B- Mitzen (New York City: Springer Publishing Company, 2001). …