A MAN & HIS SHIP: The Story of William Francis Gibbs and the SS United States

Article excerpt

A MAN & HIS SHIP: the Story of William Francis Gibbs and the SS United States By Steven Ujifusa 420 Pgs., Illustrated, 6-in ? 9-in, Paperback, ISBN: 13-978-1-45164507-1 - $29.95. Simon & Shuster, NY; www. simonandschuster.com

For all of legendary leadership in the Industrial Age, the United States of America seldom felt the need to produce luxury liners on par with the elegance, speed, and size comparable to Europe's RMS Queen Mary, Normandy, or Titanic. The reasons for this oversight are many and varied, and therein lays the substance of historian Steve Ujifusa's first epic biography: America's sole exception to the rule - the magnificent liner SS United States which made its first voyage in 1952.

A Man & His Ship is actually the saga of the liner's designer, noted marine architect William Francis Gibbs, who took a life-long dream and with considerable difficulty transformed it into a Blue Riband winner that rivaled the finest efforts of Europe's veteran shipyards. This is a story as much about a man as the building of a ship and the core of its greatness is the vision and dynamism that Gibbs infused into his creation. …