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Ian Bawa

A button-up shirt is a classic piece for both men and women and can be worn on any occasion. Ian Bawa started wearing them recently for their versatility and because he is not interested in wearing logos. "Thanks for saying I look good!" he said when we interrupted him drinking his Parlour coffee. "You know what's funny? I just texted my friend, saying, 'Hey man, I feel really good today -- just had a good job interview and I'm feeling pretty good.' I'm one of those guys that will never admit that I'm metro, but I do pay attention to style," Bawa explains.

What he wore...

Sunglasses -- "They are from Grant Park mall at some kiosk for $15 dollars."

Button-up shirt -- "The shirt is from Gap."

Corduroys and belt -- "Old Navy. I do wear the corduroys a lot; they look dressy but not overly dressy."

Shoes -- "I think they were at some sidewalk sale on the street during some kind of festival in Winnipeg."

Watch -- "That's a good question. I stole it from my dad and I think it's from some jewelry store in P.E.I."

Bag -- "Kenneth Cole. …