PGA Tour Brings Perks to the Table

Article excerpt

Players Cup organizers, tour outline plan

Players Cup organizers and the PGA Tour rolled out the sales pitch for the potential new-look Canadian Tour on Friday morning.

Tournament executive director and mf1 president Ryan Hart and PGA Tour senior vice-president of tournament development Jeff Monday hosted a breakfast meeting with about 30 members of the local business community at the Winnipeg Winter Club outlining the opportunities and the potential new look of PGA Tour Canada.

The Tour has been in discovery mode in Canada all season long. After lending financial support to the struggling Canadian Tour, the PGA Tour will make a final decision in October whether to assume control.

"We're still predominantly in discovery," Monday told the Free Press after the meeting. "But obviously one of the things we assess is, 'What's the degree of interest and enthusiasm?' I would say consistently in every locale, there has been a great deal of interest in what this relationship would mean and how you could use that to elevate not just the stature of the tour itself, but all of the parts."

The rebranding effort would include extending the PGA Tour name and logo to the Canadian circuit and try to use it to leverage some financial health.

"Can we take assets that we have, our assets and expertise and resources, and build upon that to take everything to the next level," Monday said, outlining the key question ahead.

The PGA Tour certainly came to the table with a perk or two on Friday.

The sponsorship prospectus for the Players Cup at Pine Ridge for the next three years revealed that the title sponsorship, at a price of $150,000 annually, will come with many goodies, including a corporate membership to the TPC at Sawgrass and access to all 32 courses in the TPC network.

The PGA Tour, with its recognizable brand, would also be incorporating PGA Tour Canada and the Players Cup into its website, which Monday said sees about seven million hits a month

Hart said the Players Cup is now actively soliciting sponsors and that he needs a strong indication by the end of September to demonstrate to the PGA Tour that Winnipeg should be on the future schedule. …