Elections Manitoba OK's Ackman's Candidacy

Article excerpt

ELECTIONS Manitoba has ruled Darrell Ackman, who allegedly recruited girls for the sex trade, can run in the Fort Whyte provincial byelection, Ackman's lawyer said late Friday.

Ackman was being investigated for allegedly submitting at least one phoney name on his nomination papers to Elections Manitoba.

Winnipeg property manager Avrom Charach is very real -- he said he just didn't sign his name vouching for Ackman's candidacy in the Sept. 4 byelection.

"I'd like them to quickly figure out whether or not putting my name on a piece of paper is appropriate, and if not, do what they should," Charach said Friday. "My ultimate wish? Get this guy off the ballot."

However, Elections Manitoba ruled Ackman's candidacy can stand because he had 130 names on his nomination papers and only needed 100, said his lawyer, Martin Glazer.

Advance polls open today.

Charach filed his complaint Thursday and by Friday an investigator was assigned by Manitoba's Elections Commissioner Bill Bowles.

"The instructions that I gave were to complete it as soon as possible," Bowles said earlier Friday.

It's unclear whether Ackman will face other consequences if it's shown he submitted a false name. …