Online Training Software Takes Off

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City web-design firm riding hot product

DAN Belhassen has seen a few trends in the digital world come and go, but the founder and CEO of Modern Earth Web Design in Winnipeg has maintained a steady and regular pace of growth.

That might be changing.

It's because one of Modern Earth's spinoffs,, an online-training software platform his company built, is starting to take off.

"We have very, very aggressive growth plans," Belhassen said. "We want it to be a brand. When people think of online training, we want them to think of . We want it to be the Google of online training."

Lofty goals indeed.

Business has doubled in 2012 and staff has almost tripled to 13 since the beginning of the year.

Though it has a long way to go yet, Belhassen believes his company may be among the first service providers offering the kind of affordability that will make online training accessible to more than just the largest companies in the world, which had been the case until recently.

Harold Druxerman, can attest to that.

Druxerman, the former Winnipegger who founded Druxy's quick-service delicatessen restaurants with his two brothers 37 years ago in Toronto, had researched online training options for many years.

With the help of, Druxerman has now established his own online training initiative -- Druxy's University.

"When I was doing my earlier research and Googling the subject to see who some of the players were and doing some of the demo sessions, those other organizations proudly displayed the logos of their clients," Druxerman said.

"It was scary. Predominantly, the logos I was seeing were from multinational organizations, companies like IBM and Shell. There was no way I would possibly trade in that stratosphere. …