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Dance Teacher presents teachers who complete a continuing dance education program by one of the organizations on the following page with a special Dance Teacher certificate of recognition. Simply send a letter to DT Recognizes, Dance Teacher, 250 West 57th Street, Suite 420, NewYork, NY 10107. Please include the name of the organization, proof of participation in the program you attended and a brief description of how the experience improved your teaching. Dance Teacher salutes the following educators who have completed Florida Dance Masters' Intensive Training Seminar.

Florida Dance Masters' Intensive Training Seminars focus on giving members and nonmembers alike the opportunity to broaden their teaching skills with a combination of traditional and cutting-edge training. ITS workshops are held each September and February, with classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern and acrobatics as well as music theory, Pilates, comparative movement, choreography and musical theater.

FDM strives to give dance educators year-round opportunities to enhance their teaching techniques through workshops and seminars and to provide performance venues for their students.The Scholarship Audition program for students offers more than $10,000 in tuition scholarships every year. In addition, FDM hosts the Royal Dance Festival each November, which showcases talented students and choreographers in a concert setting. Main Attraction is FDM's statewide student performing group; students are selected by audition to work with master teachers and choreographers and perform at various theater events.

For more information: Loretta Snedeker, Executive Secretary, 2601 Antilles Drive, Winter Park, FL 32792; phone: 407-678-4407; fax: 407-- 657-0212


Dussich Dance Studio

Merritt Island, FL

"Our teachers all enjoy attending FDM's Intensive Training Seminars because they are fun and informative. We learn, we share and we all become closer friends as well as better professionals in the world of dance."


Director, Elizabeth Parsons

School of Dance

Windermere, FL

"I have been a member of FDM for more than 15 years. The rewards that my faculty, my students and I have reaped through my membership are innumerable. First and foremost, I have met so many wonderful and lasting friends and continue to meet new ones. We leave workshops motivated and enthused, and can share any ideas and teaching techniques with all."


School of Dance Arts

Sanford/Lake Mary, FL

"It's hard to believe that FDM's Intensive Training Seminar was so gratifying and worthwhile and at the same time so warm, friendly and just plain enjoyable. Southern hospitality would seem to be FDM's strong suit, except that the faculty is always so strong that it's a toss-up. The combination provides attendees with the ideal circumstances in which to learn and grow."


Thomas Dance Studio

Lake Worth, FL

"As a performing arts teacher for many years, I feel that FDM's Intensive Training Seminars keep me up-to-date on new dance trends and help me to be a better teacher. To be a truly great teacher, one can never stop learning."


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American Academy Of Ballet


American Dance Festival



American Tap Dance Institute


Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey



Ballet Dynamics/Finis Jhung


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