Professor Rorie Spill Solberg Named Editor of Judicature

Article excerpt

Professor Rorie Spill Solberg of Oregon State University becomes the new editor of Judicature with the journal's November-December issue. A longtime contributor to Judicature and a leading scholar of judicial process and politics, Professor Solberg will have editorial responsibility for all main articles and features, working with authors, reviewers, and the leadership and staff of the American Judicature Society on the nation's oldest peer reviewed journal on the administration of justice.

"We are excited to adopt an academic editor model going forward, and are delighted to work with a scholar of Professor Solberg's caliber," said Seth Andersen, Executive Director of AJS. "Throughout her career, she has made important contributions to Judicature as an author, reviewer, and advisor. As editor, she will be uniquely positioned to raise the profile of the journal in the social sciences and the legal academy."

Professor Solberg earned an undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a PhD in American politics with a specialty in judicial politics from the Ohio State University in 1997. After graduate school, she taught at a variety of institutions and currently serves as an associate professor in the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University. She has published widely in journals and law reviews covering topics as varied as interest groups in court, state litigation strategies, diversity on the bench, congressional and court interactions, and media and the courts. …