Resources Available for Individuals Seeking Greater Access to Courts

Article excerpt

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) now offers The Center on Court Access to Justice for All as part of its efforts to help judges and courts advance access to justice, especially for poor and low-income individuals. The Access Center is supported with funding from the Public Welfare Foundation, which also supports a companion project of the American Bar Association (ABA) Resource Center for Access to Justice Initiatives to expand Access to Justice Commissions.

To learn more about the Access Center, visit www.ncsc. org/atj. The Access Center will be offering Access Briefs and webinars on various access to justice topics to help judges and other court leaders learn about and better share effective tools (e.g., simplified forms, self-help centers, triaging services). In addition to these resources, the Access Center also will offer assistance to state and local courts interested in gaining specific expertise on implementing an access to justice program, practice or service (e.g., starting a self-help center or volunteer legal services program for self-represented litigants). …