Dear Friends of FEE

Article excerpt

Change. Every politician promises it; few deliver very much of it. Even in our own lives, activities, and businesses, change is often difficult and risky.

For 30 years (1963-93) apolitical group in Canada called the Rhinoceros Party poked fun at politics with its hilarious proposals. One election year the theme of the RP's platform was "Change for the Sake of Change." One of the planks called for switching the side of the road that cars should drive on - from right to left. But rather than do it all at once, the party suggested it be phased in. In the first year the new rule would apply only to big trucks.

At the Foundation for Economic Education we're serious about change. We've given it many months of careful thought. With this issue of The Freeman, our flagship magazine that we've published for more than half a century, you can see the first of many changes to come. They are all the result of a new strategic plan we've been working on for two years - a plan that will transform not just this magazine but everything FEE does, how we do it, and for whom we doit.

What won't change - and I guarantee it - are our principles. They haven't budged in the 66 years since FEE was founded. We're immensely proud of that fact.

FEE's new, refined focus is on relative newcomers to the ideas of liberty and free market economics, specifically those within the ages of 16 to 24. We want to inspire, educate, and connect them. We want to help them become the leaders and activists for liberty that a free and prosperous future requires. The potential is enormous because so much of this young and promising market is vastly underserved. Imagine a world where high school and college students learn and appreciate liberty before they start their careers! Thanks to technology, social media, and smart, strategic thinking, we don't have to wait and hope the schools will do the job for us.

The Freeman now has a fresh new cover design. Its configuration and paper stock are different, making mass distribution far more affordable than the previous, glossy (and expensive) format. In forthcoming issues you'll notice more young voices, more humor, more short features, more lively and provocative writing, more news about the liberty movement, and more eye-catching graphics. You are hereby invited to suggest other improvements of your own - improvements you think would help us excite and activate newcomers to liberty.

No, we're not making all the changes we'd like to make in just one issue. So I guess that means our plan is a little like what the Rhinoceros Party proposed for Canadian highways. We're phasing it in. It's a good thing analogies only go so far!

These are not changes for the sake of changes. Across the board at FEE, we are aiming to win the future for liberty, so we are shaking things up with a purpose in mind. Even if you were born when Calvin Coolidge was in the White House, we hope you're going to like the new ways in which FEE is reaching out to the younger generations. Thanks for your support and encouragement, your ideas, and your confidence in us! …