A Refuge for Refugees

Article excerpt

IMAGINE NOT HAVING A PLACE TO CALL HOME, or millions of people across the globe, not having a home is a reality. Refugees from Darfur, Somalia, Burundi, Iraq, and North Korea are just a few refugee populations that have been displaced due to violence, war, political or religious beliefs, or because their particular social group is ostracized in their native land. With recent violence in Syria, yet another refugee population has emerged. In late September the United Nations warned that the number of Syrian refugees could surpass 700,000. As the recent Syrian example attests, living in exile away from one's familiar customs and culture is a plight that sadly is growing in the twenty-first century rather than diminishing.

Without a home and facing an uncertain future, many refugees can easily find themselves without hope. But fortunately, the higher education community has renewed a sense of hope for many refugees. When they find a home on a campus, refugees can begin to rebuild their lives and imagine a bright future again. This issue's cover story, "Transforming Lives," by Susan Ladika tells the stories of refugees who have been transformed by pursuing their higher education and finding a campus they can call home. …