Updated Listserv Guidelines Approved by Board

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The Communications Committee and AASECT Board of Directors recently updated the AASECT listserv guidelines under the guidance of legal counsel. The guidelines are produced below and should be reviewed carefully as they contain information that will be helpful to know as you participate in the listserv.

Additional updates and improvements are planned for the listserv, to be implemented in 2013.

Welcome to the AASECT Listserv

Please note carefully all items listed in the disclaimer and legal rules below, particularly regarding the copyright ownership of information posted to the list. Remember that AASECT and other email participants have the right to reproduce postings to this Listserv.

Spam and advertisements are strictly prohibited on the Listserv.

This is a special benefit of AASECT membership and is a service maintained for current AASECT members only. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with these important guidelines. If you have questions, contact the list manager noted in your welcome instructions. In order to preserve a climate that encourages both civil and fruitful dialogue, AASECT reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership on all lists for members who violate these rules.

* To post a message to this list, send your email to: aasectlist@aasect.org

* To receive only the digest form of this list (all messages consolidated into one mailing per day to you), send a message requesting that to: info® aasect.org

* If you want to be temporarily removed from the list, send a request, including the dates you will be away, to: info@aasect.org

* If you want to unsubscribe from this listserv, send a message to: info@aasect.org

* Questions about AASECT should be directed to our Member Services at: info@aasect.org.

Etiquette and Use Policies and Guidelines

To ensure the best possible experience for all Listserv members, AASECT has established terms and conditions for participation:

By joining and using these e-mail lists, you agree that you have read and will follow terms and conditions set for these peer discussion groups. You also agree to reserve list discussions for topics best suited to the medium. This is a great medium in which to solicit the advice of your peers, benefit from their experience, and participate in an ongoing conversation.

Writing your message:

* Post ONLY information that is relevant to professional sexuality issues.

* Use the Subject line to give an accurate citation to the content of your post. Change the subject line if you are starting a different topic.

* DO NOT include the original message in your replies. Delete the message to which you are responding, except limited quotes. Delete all content below your current message. This is a courtesy to all other members on the listserv to keep their mailboxes from clogging.

* You can imagine the result of a reply to a reply to a reply to a.... well, you get the idea! We get a lot of complaints about this, really!

* Avoid sending messages like "thanks" or "attaboy" etc. Instead, hit the link to the individual with whom you wish to share personal greetings and send messages only to that individual instead of to the entire list. This will also reduce the clogging of everyone else's mailboxes.

* Warn other list subscribers of lengthy message either in the subject line or at the beginning of the message body with a line that says "Long Message."

* Please note, simply clicking on "reply" will send a reply message to the whole list, not just the individual who posted.

* Look at the address when you reply. If you intend to reply to one person, you should only reply to that person, not the whole list. This is called "backchannelling" because you continue your communication in the background, in private, with one person. This saves everyone from getting posts of a personal nature or with information or details that everyone doesn't need to know. …