Vine A New App/social Network Has Been Going Viral This. [Derived Headline]

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A new app/social network has been going viral this past week.

Vine is a service that allows you to create and share beautiful looping videos with your friends and family. The application is pretty heavily integrated with Twitter. Vine is a little more elaborate than Instagram, where you just apply filters to photos. Vine allows you to capture images for a maximum of six seconds and publish them as a video to all of your friends and family. The service may be easily explained as looping animated GIFs.

Vine started making headlines Thursday when Jimmy Fallon sent out a Vine video saying "Hello" using Scrabble tiles. After Fallon, a whole celebrity rush of users began tweeting their Vine videos. This app right now is limited to the iOS platform -- it's made available for iPhone and iPod touch. The question now is if Vine will stick. I think it will, even though it has heavy competition.

Other video-sharing apps, such as Keek and Cinegram, are out there, but they do not have the current PR buzz Vine has. The winning video-sharing app will not necessarily be the best; it will be the one with the most users. On a side note, the video-sharing app Keek is seeing great success because the owners are paying the Kardashian family to endorse it. The whole family is constantly making Keek videos and tweeting the links. Smart marketing.

iPhone 5S

HERE I am, once again, delivering more Apple rumours. Apple Inc. has been struggling to stem the bleeding after the severe fall of its stock price. With the momentum Android is gaining all over the world, there tends to be a lot of iPhone/Apple hate going on. I am also guilty, because for about three weeks in a row I was being an "Apple hater."

Anyhow... Apple is going to be releasing an iPhone 5S this year to show people it still is really cool. What we can expect to happen happen is when the iPhone 5S is released (in June, most likely), iPhone 5 prices will drop significantly and it will be known as a "budget device."

The iPhone 5S will be faster, but the rumours are Apple is going to be making the screen a bit bigger. Big screens on smartphones have become quite the norm. The Samsung Galaxy S3, which is my daily phone, has a big screen and I love it! Viewing emails and reading Twitter and Instagram is simply awesome. …