Donate Your Copper Coins to Kids' Charity Via RBC

Article excerpt

TOO lazy to roll up the pennies in that giant beer stein beside your bed?

Then why not put them to work for charity?

The Royal Bank, the largest financial institution in Canada, is having a "loose penny drop-off" event at all of its branches across the country in support of Free the Children.

The request for Winnipeggers to drop their loose pennies off -- any amount in any container -- coincides with the Royal Canadian Mint's decision to stop providing pennies to businesses for change, effective today.

RBC and Free the Children are hoping to use the removal of the penny from circulation to boost the more than 70 million pennies that have been donated so far this academic year -- that's $700,000 -- or enough to provide 28,000 people with clean water for life.

As impressive as that sounds, it only meets a fraction of the charity's goal of providing a permanent source of clean water to 100,000 people.

Dave McKay, group head of personal and commercial banking at the Royal Bank, said it wanted to do something it had never done before to support the tremendous effort put forth by Canada's young people.

"We're encouraging Canadians to be creative with their pennies this week -- hold office penny drives, dip into coin jars and piggy banks, look under the couch -- and then drop by any RBC branch to contribute to this penny drive and we'll take care of the rest," he said. …