Evidence-Based Leadership

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To the Editor:

I very much enjoyed the recent article, "Is Nurse Executive/Nurse Management Practice a Profession?" (Kerfoot, 2012). In my current role as Magnet Program Coordinator, I am very focused on how the concept of "professionalism" is used and defined as it relates to direct care provider nurses as well as nursing management and leadership. The success of the Magnet Recognition Program® model is dependent on helping health care facilities implement structures and processes to produce the outcomes that will lead to the Magnet designation of a health care facility. I believe professionalism is the behavior culture that must be present in order for the Magnet model component to be fully enculturated and evidence-based leadership practices and processes are the foundation for that behavior culture.

As my own organization continues final preparations for our application for Magnet designation, we are constantly reminded that evidence-based leadership practices are not always present and there is significant opportunity to bring evidence-based practice knowledge and application to our leadership team on a regular basis. In a focus group study published by Eddy and colleagues (2009), leaders recognized that they need help to integrate evidence-based practices into the workplace. …