DOE's Educator Effectiveness System Will Improve Teaching

Article excerpt

One of the joys of coming to work is that there's a renewed sense of purpose each morning.

There is the opportunity to see miracles in our classroom as we work with children, the most creative and interesting people on Earth.

Our children teach, challenge and inspire us to continue to grow and do right by them.

As teachers, we know that the amount of love, passion and dedication that is wholeheartedly given to our children day after day can never truly be measured.

Maybe that is really the concern many have about the Educator Effectiveness System (EES) - how can a system measure the things we value the most? The moments of discovery that probably no one outside of our classroom will ever catch, the growing confidence and commitment to learning we see in our children, the relationships we nurture and the life lessons we impart that we know will help our children succeed in this world? The truth is, no system can justly measure those intangibles.

The EES can, however, be our mirror and help support us as we guide our students and improve our teaching.

The Department of Education's Educator Effectiveness System is a new teacher evaluation model based upon recommendations from teachers and other education leaders.

The EES was implemented at Noelani Elementary School at the start of this school year. …