True Love . .

Article excerpt

Lady, there is no other messenger

By whom I dare to send you my desire,

Only my song if you will be the singer:1

True love2 begets together wisdom and beauty,3

And from these two surely love likewise springs.

The three are one; indeed, I've proved it duly;

And none shall ever separate these things.

The couriers, chosen through consultation,

Have all been sent ahead, as vanguard; truly,

Straight from my heart. I know they'll never stray,

The level path they tread is so well known.

At night the couriers move in light, by day

To everyone they appear obscure and dim:

The qualities I discover in my lady,

Her sweetest glances and her words so charming,

Leave me quite thunderstruck: it's not surprising.

God lights the whole world witfi her gende rays,

For who beholds the fairest summer day,

Set next to her, finds darkness at high noon.

In love there is bodi fortitude and fear:

The two are one and love instills the twain,

And greatest value to them all is bound

Where every good can find refuge and shelter.

Thus Love opens a hospice for us all

Where none is turned away and each esteemed.

And yet I fail, waiting before your hostel,

Most valued lady, to know where I stand.

There is no otfier course but to commend

Myself to her, who dominates my thoughts,

Expecting either joy or else my end. …