Is Govt Really Serious about Policy Reforms?

Article excerpt

Mumbai, May 7 -- The home department of the Government of Maharashtra has done it again. Year after year, the political executive wants to nibble at the command and control structure of the director general of police (DGP) first by taking over the transfer of officers and now arrogating the powers to promote the subordinate ranks, thereby rendering the office of the DGP irrelevant.

The fact that this meddling with the force for short-term political gains will be weakening the very edifice of law and order in the state does not seem to be bothering the political establishment.

One of the most important directives issued by the Supreme Court in its 2006 judgement on police reforms was functional autonomy of the force through security of tenure and streamlining of appointment and transfers.

As regards the establishment board, the Supreme Court directive is that the board shall decide transfers, promotions of officers of and below the rank of deputy superintendent of police and make similar recommendations in respect of superintendents of police and above.

Now the government wants to promote sub-inspectors, APIs and so on thereby making this board redundant.

The much talked about Maharashtra Government Servants' Regulation of Transfers and Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Duties Act, 2005 (Transfer Act), is an absurdity. The Group A officers mentioned in Section 6 (b) of the Act are transferable by the minister in-charge of the department and if these officers are working at the divisional or district level, the respective heads can transfer them. But what if the officer has to be transferred out of a division or district? …