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U.S. Army's Forgotten Theater

* I very much appreciated the article by COL Cole C. Kingseed, U.S. Army retired ("The Pacific War: The U.S. Army's Forgotten Theater of World War ?," April) on the U.S. Army's role in the Pacific Theater during World War ?. My father served with the Pioneer and Demolition Platoon, 3rd Battalion, 383rd Infantry Regiment, 96th Infantry Division, and was involved in the battles for both Leyte [the Philippines! and Okinawa [Japan]. He seldom talked of his military service and almost never of what he had experienced on Okinawa. Sadly, he did not live to know that the 96th Infantry Division finally received long-overdue recognition in 2001, when it was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation for its actions during the capture of Okinawa. Thank you for reminding all that the U.S. Army was involved in a worldwide - not just European - struggle to defeat tyranny and despotism.


Benton, Ark.

Combat Medical Training

* In the article "Global Medic 2012" (November 2012), Scott R. Gourley highlights the significance of medical training. There is no substitute for real-world experience, but the Global Medic training exercise teaches the combat medical workforce to work quickly and efficiently when dealing with trauma and medical emergencies. I think it's remarkable that Global Medic is synchronized with tactical warrior exercises, which focus on skills such as reacting to improvised explosive devices and sniper ambushes.

As a veteran with three overseas combat tours in the Middle East and a Purple Heart, I know the value of fast and effective combat medical care. I think it is important for front-line units to know that the Army Medical Battalion can perform the same level of care with equal - if not superior - equipment and facilities as hospitals stateside. I am a nurse and am currently working on my bachelor's degree in nursing. I know the value of this kind of training and the perspective it builds in the backbone of the Army's medical environment. Thank you for your focus on the importance of combat medical training and the significant role that Global Medic plays in the unified combat theater.


Brooklyn, N.Y.

On Veterans - Revisited

* MSG Tanya R. …