Minnesota Orchestra Backs out of Financial Analysis

Article excerpt

Since August 2012, the locked-out musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra have repeatedly pressed for a joint independent financial analysis of the organization-one that would examine the organizations reported financial condition, the exact manner in which donations have been solicited and directed, and the viability of management's plan for the orchestras artistic and financial future.

Musicians and management recently held discussions on the approach to the financial analysis. However, after the two sides agreed on two New York based firms and parameters, management sought to insert language that would not allow the analysis to examine ongoing strengths and weaknesses of the organization, or to engage in any evaluation of board or management performance. After musicians objected, management backed out of the joint analysis and announced that it would hire an analyst alone and proceed without the musicians' involvement.

"This will give management an unfettered opportunity to endorse its own prior audits without scrutiny from independent review and without inconvenient judgment of its chosen path-kind of like hiring your own judge for a trial," says Brad Eggen, president of Local 30-73 (Minneapolis-St. …