State Sheriffs Also Hold Law Enforcement Authority

Article excerpt

Question:?What are the duties of sheriffs? I thought they only handled the courts and prisons. It seems to me they are doing what the police department is doing.

Answer: While the state Sheriff Division mainly keeps watch over the Judiciary and other state facilities, its deputies have statewide law enforcement jurisdiction and the same law enforcement powers as county police.

The division's primary duties, as described on the Department of Public Safety's website -- -- are "to preserve the peace by protecting all persons and property within premises under the control of the Judiciary and all state facilities; providing process services and execution of court documents; handling detained persons; and providing secure transportation for persons in custody. It also provides law enforcement services at the Hono­lulu International Airport."

But if the sheriff's deputies see a violation or crime being committed, they can and will take action.

For example, traffic enforcement is typically handled by county police. "But if a deputy sees someone speeding or doing something dangerous, they will pull over, ticket and arrest people if necessary," said Shawn Tsuha, deputy director of law enforcement for the Department of Public Safety.

The department has about 380 deputies statewide, Tsuha said. Tsuha also said deputies provide protective services for designated state officials and provide law enforcement support jointly with various federal, state and county organizations.

Question: Our building has 40 apartments affected by a ban on tandem parking by the city Department of Planning and Permitting. Out of 58 apartments, 18 have a single parking stall. But the original declaration of 1969 and subsequently in 1990, as well as our deeds, indicate 40 apartments have the right to tandem parking (vehicles parked end to end). Can anything be done?

Answer: Not at this point because your association of apartment owners allegedly has ignored warnings by the Department of Planning and Permitting to obtain a permit for tandem parking or get rid of it. …