Our Tribute to Linda McCartney

Article excerpt

The outspoken activist and vegetarian was never at a loss for words. Here are some highlights from our past interviews with her.

Those eyes.

That's what first struck you about Linda McCartney when you saw her. Eyes filled with humanity and soul.

Linda was many things wrapped up in one person. "The grand convergence," as a friend once put it, describing powerful, oppositional forces meeting at one point. She was born wealthy, but valued life's simple pleasures. She was keenly intelligent, but let her heart lead the way. She was famous, but lived a private, unassuming life. She had a gentle soul yet fought with a fierce authority to defend, often alone, the rights of hapless animals. She was passionate without being earnest. She was a poet who built a corporation.

If ever there was a role model for living in the light, with love and compassion, humanity and artistry, it was Linda McCartney. She and Paul hated to be apart-even to the point of performing together onstage so as not to be separated. "I'm a musician now," she told Vegetarian Times back in 1990, "but I only do it to get him out there." Paul says the only 11 nights they didn't sleep together was when he was arrested for pot and detained in Japan.

Linda was willing to risk her own comfort level for what she believed in. And some of her beliefs were indeed controversial. She wasn't a big fan of the Bible, which she said was too full of chauvinism and suffering to have come from God. ("Go by your feelings," she told Vegetarian Times. …