Indian Market

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Downtown Santa Fe, August 17-18

VISITORS FROM around the world converge in downtown Santa Fe for the annual Santa Fe Indian Market this month. The weekend event offers a rare opportunity to meet and talk with over 1,100 Native American artists, who have created an impressive array of paintings, drawings, pottery, sculpture, beadwork, photographs, and more. Works are displayed in booths that line the streets surrounding Santa Fe's famous Plaza. Collectors can expect to see intricately beaded dolls, coral and turquoise jewelry, stained-glass mosaics, and handmade baskets. Among this year's participants are prominent artists such as Nocona Burgess, Les Namingha, Jamie Okuma, Pahponee, Kim Obrzut, and Tony Jojola.

The celebration features not only visual art but also a weeklong smorgasbord of music, fashion shows, and films spotlighting the Indian way of life and traditions. "Santa Fe Indian Market truly is the center of the indigenous American art world. We hope everyone enjoys what we at the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts have spent an entire year building for them," says John Torres-Nez, chief operating officer of SWAIA, a nonprofit organization that aims to promote Native American arts and education. …