There Is No Biz like Good Biz

Article excerpt

Jaipur, Sept. 20 -- When elections are round the corner and political parties more susceptible to suggestions, it's time to raise demands.

Thus, when the Hindustan Times - in a first-of-its-kind initiative to build a public manifesto - invited trade organisations and industry bodies to share their wish-list, they came up with a plethora of demands ranging from social security to skill development.

There was anger, there was anguish but aspirations remained high.

Rajasthan automobile dealers' association member Naresh Singhal's demand for providing social security to the business class to help them lead a life of dignity after retirement got positive response from all-age groups.

"The revenue that the government needs for various schemes comes from the taxes we pay. But we get nothing in return in our old age," Singhal said demanding relaxation in vat and high toll charged on the highways.

On the development front, president of Rajasthan Khadya Padarth Vyapar Sangh Babu Lal Gupta demanded development of specific markets in their respective areas of growth.

"We grow in abundance products alike amla, honey and spices in Rajasthan. We should develop specific markets for them, like for jeera in Jodhpur and Jaipur, for coriander in Ramganjmandi, for tamarind, ratanjot ( jetropa ) and for forest produce in Udaipur."

Highlighting the need to increase the storage capacity for agriculture produce, Gupta suggested building of more storage warehouses and cold storages on public private partnership (PPP) model.

He also demanded of the parties to do away with mandi tax of 1.60% and said, "There is no mandi tax anywhere in the country but in Rajasthan where the agriculture sector is already weak.

This sector needs to be strengthened for the health of the industry sector as they are also based on agriculture produce," he said.

Gupta quoted that only 60% of the oil mills were functional and demanded reduction of tax from 1.6% to 1%. The mandi tax on sugar should also be reduced to .50%.


General secretary of the Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( RCCI) KL Jain asked the political parties to promise skill development opportunities for the youth. …