Ranbir Kapoor Is So Convincing as an Actor: Shyam Benegal

Article excerpt

Mumbai, Sept. 25 -- After films like Welcome To Sajjanpur (2008) and Well Done Abba (2010), veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal seems to have taken a break from movies. Currently working on his 10-part TV series, Samvidhaan, he talks about the change and growth in the film industry.

Why did you stay away from filmmaking for nearly three years?

I was working on two subjects and was also in the Parliament. Then I was working on my TV show, Samvidhaan. It took up a lot of time, and I didn't want to divert my attention with a film. I am not comfortable juggling projects. I have wanted to make this show for a long time since it is an important aspect of our (country's) history.

The film industry is undergoing rapid change. Do you see that as a good thing?

The film scenario is changing and in a good way. There is a wide variety of films now. I am comfortable with the change and happy that a lot of new, young filmmakers with interesting ideas, which were not being entertained at all in the past, are getting their films made. I recently saw The Lunchbox, which is especially good.

Today the film scene is a vibrant one, which wasn't the case 20 years ago. Even if you look at the popular side, films by Ranbir Kapoor are very good because he is so convincing as an actor. Things have improved enormously.

What do you think about the Rs. 100 crore phenomenon?

Well, that has nothing to do with good or bad films. It's all about how much money a film makes. You may have ambitions of making R100 crore, but that's only a commercial ambition, not an artistic one.

Do you subscribe to this yardstick to determine a film's success? …