Road Fatalities Touch Record Low, Traffic Police Claim Credit

Article excerpt

New Delhi, Jan. 4 -- Notching an envious record of sorts in reducing the number of annual road deaths in the last three years, the National Capital has registered the lowest number of annual road deaths - 1725 - last year. And the Delhi Traffic Police have claimed credit for the achievement.

"Thanks to the efficient traffic management by our people in traffic police unit, the annual road deaths registered in 2013 were the lowest since 2003," said police chief BS Bassi on Friday.

Pedestrians, the most vulnerable road users, topped the list of fatalities with 747 of them being killed on the roads.

This was followed by twowheeler riders, the second most susceptible group, 609 of who lost their lives on the roads last year.

"We have adopted a mission to ensure mobility with safety through effective traffic management, which resulted into reduction of number of deaths on the roads," Bassi said.

According to the traffic police, they have set an agenda for 2014 to provide better safety to both the vulnerable groups, by introduction of several scientific measures.

These include repairing and shifting of faulty foot over bridges, adding pedestrian crossover features at all traffic signals, putting reflective tapes in 10 lakh bicycles so that these are visible during dark, involving civic agencies in marking lanes for pedestrians and cyclists and crackdown on motorized vehicles for plying on wrong lanes. …