AUSA Sustaining Member Profile: U.S. Bunkers, Inc

Article excerpt

Corporate Structure: Founded: 1999. President & CEO: Jorge E. Villa. Headquarters: 13836 S.W. 142 Ave. Miami Fl. 33186. Telephone: (305) 971-2511. Fax: (305) 971-2512. Web site: E-mail:

U.S. Bunkers, Inc. is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of portable, aerodynamic, monolithic concrete structures. The company has developed the multipurpose platform (MPP) bunker, which is armored, air/watertight and bombproof with 13-18 tons of pure protection. It is the latest invention in aboveground, underground and underwater bunkers, capable of withstanding hurricanes, tornadoes, military and terrorist attacks and even extreme underwater pressures.

U.S. Bunkers unveiled its number 9 prototype at AUSA's Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. This time the MPP bunker was set up as a security and surveillance unit (the Guardian), with exterior cameras and interior monitors. In our structures a person can stand, sit or even lie down, making them functional and even comfortable environments. The Guardian is innovative. Since the time of the Maginot Line, the word bunker has been synonymous with an indestructible, fixed structure built into and under the ground, an extremely uncomfortable environment surrounded by bad odors, humidity, insects, inclement weather and disease.

U.S. Bunkers has dedicated itself to building structures that will be of great help not only to the Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Forest Rangers and Federal Emergency Management Agency, but also the civil and industrial sectors.

These bunkers are made of fiberglass, steel, reinforced concrete, continuous surround rebar and U.S. Bunker's own mix of polymer fibers and plasticizers. With a thickness of 12 inches solid at the center strength ring, the bunkers of the future are no longer static-they are completely mobile. Their life span is measured in centuries instead of years, and they are practically maintenance free.

The shape of the bunkers is the result of a careful design that deflects debris, projectiles and extreme wind, as in the case of hurricanes, tornadoes or explosions. These bunkers do not have any right angles in their panels and there are no walls; rather, the whole structure is one piece, making this monolith incredibly strong.

These bunkers come equipped with an induced forced air system moved by a dual turbine that changes the inside air every 60 seconds and 12-110 volt and radioactive lights that are standard equipment. Biochemical warfare filters as well as air conditioning and heating are available options. Generators, solar panels and battery banks can be mounted on or inside the bunker or its supports to make it a self-sustaining unit. Water tanks, cameras, sophisticated security and surveillance equipment are also some of the options these MPPs can acquire. …