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No accountability on potholes

Re: Pothole season could last until June, March 12.

Our city streets border on Third World conditions, riddled with potholes. Those in denial, like our mayor, love to blame the infamous freeze-thaw cycle as the culprit but are unable to explain why the same disaster doesn't befall communities such as Brandon or Grand Forks, N.D.

The lack of preventive maintenance over the years, and a lack of quality control, result in each year being worse than the one previous.

While our mayor took great pride in not raising taxes for many years, in typical fashion he doesn't hold himself accountable for the resulting lack of investment in our infrastructure.

The fix proposed by the city is the temporary asphalt repair that lasts two to three years -- certainly not long-term. We need leadership that understands "long-term" goes beyond their next term in office.



Past NDP mistakes costly

Re: Balance taxing and spending, Letters, March 12.

So Al Mackling didn't like my letter to the editor (NDP's 'plan' taxing, Letters, March 8)? Too bad.

Mackling was a cabinet member in two previous NDP governments that left us with a $30-billion debt. His words are nothing more than a defence of his political party.

Of course governments tax and spend, but not to the extent the NDP have done in the past and present -- including their illegal sales-tax hike.

We continue to pay the price of Mackling's party's past mistakes of fiscal irresponsibility -- a tradition today's NDP are quite proud to maintain.



Bipole III decision political

It's not difficult to grasp that the decision not to permit right-of-way to Bipole III on the east side of Lake Winnipeg was a political decision (Transmission review needed, Letters, March 12).

Political decisions are made for complex reasons, ideally taking into consideration the entire spectrum of societal concerns, but certainly not just economics (of which Hydro's is but a part).

In light of this, and in the absence of direct evidence to the contrary, it follows the west-side route is Hydro's route, not the NDP's -- the east-side land is not Hydro property.



Toews tough on crime

Vic Toews is being vilified by the media and criticized by Federal Court judges because as Canada's public safety minister he denied requests by some Canadians, who had been convicted of crimes abroad, to be brought back to Canada to serve their sentences ('A closed mind' on the bench?, March 13).

Whatever happened to the old adage "do the crime, do the time? …