USS Massachusetts (BB-59)-Fall River, MA

Article excerpt

At Battleship Cove, eight students and two faculty members from Proctor Academy in New London, New Hampshire, came aboard to spend five days accomplishing some much needed volunteer work. As a group, they performed more than 350 hours of volunteer service aboard "Big Mamie" and USS JOSEPHP. KENNEDY, JR. (DD-850).

Aboard KENNEDY, they concentrated on refurbishing the chief petty officers living areas; and cleaning, chipping, sanding, and painting the "Goat Locker". Aboard MASSACHUSETTS, they prepared the old warrant officer's dining area for the display of ship models that have been stowed in a locker due to the lack of a suitable exhibit area. Lastly, the young people assisted Battleship Cove volunteer regulars in preparing and constructing cabinets to display plaques received from US Navy ships around the world.

The Proctor Academy students weren't the only volunteers aboard ship. USS JOSEPH P. KENNEDY, JR. hosted its annual Tin Can Sailors Field Day recently. Sixty-five destroyer veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and inbetween came aboard to keep the old girl looking fresh and new. They refurbished equipment and spaces which needed repairs and cleaned those spaces already open to the public. …