Front Lines

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Ready for the long-awaited arrival of some space-age, high flying, stupefying speech recognition technologies? Front Lines sure is, and was glad to learn about the preview at the Demo '99 conference of Dragon System's AudioMining technology. It converts audio data into searchable text, giving users immediate random access to recorded materials like video footage, radio and television broadcasts, and telephone conversations.

The prospect of a talking Web browser may frighten those of our employees who covertIy surf when and where they're not supposed to, but blind and visually impaired computer users are probably embracing IBM's new Home Page Reader, which uses the company's ViaVoice text to-speech technology to speak aloud the information found on a Web site, The English product follows the original Japanese version developed with the help of a blind researcher in IBM's Tokyo lab.

As if be ng surrounded at work by technology you can't use isn't bad enough, IBM and Bell Atlantic have teamed up to bring advanced networking technology to your home. New homes throughout the Bell Atlantic operating area can be pre-wired with the IBM Home Director System, which brings together the wiring types in the home and allows consumers to control connected devices. Not just for home business use, the announcement awaits the imminent arrival of smart appliances that will join the network. …