Navy Shipbuilder to Build First Cruise Ships in U.S. since 1958

Article excerpt

A long-time Navy shipbuilder, Ingalls Shipbuilding (a division of Litton Industries) will build two cruise ships, the first large passenger ships built in this country since 1958.

The contract with American Classic Voyages Co. of Chicago has a potential value of $1.4 billion for three ships. Located in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Ingalls will initially build two 1900passenger cruise ships with an option for a third vessel. As many as six ships could ultimately be built.

"This contract is a vital element of Ingalls' integrated strategic business plan," said Jerry St. Pe, President of Ingalls and Senior Vice President of Litton Industries. "Of all the commercial ship projects available, cruise ships require a level of complexibilityj and a mix of skills, most closely matched to those inherent in the building of complex naval vessels, and already available at Ingalls."

Ingalls refers to this as "Project America," which involves the construction of the two ships, each weighing 72,000 gross tons and 840 feet long. …