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The New South Police Service asked Ford Australia to re-engineer the braking system on the Falcon XR8 model used as highway patrol cars after one crash and a number of near misses. Officers said the brakes worked fine the first two times on the 145-mile-anhour car, "but after that there's nothing there." Ford is reported to have offered bigger brake disks, tires and wheels for police to evaluate.


Young offenders are to be given log books that would allow police to track them for years after they complete their sentences. The document would include information on their criminal history, family background, physical and mental health, literacy and numeracy skills and drug problems. The data from the book would be presented in court each time the holder offended. Health and education services and probation officers would be able to use the data to help the offender.

The Home Office was studying a proposal to hire executives from big companies to become chief constables and senior police commanders as a way to improve leaderships standards. The executive recruits could go straight into the top job or become assistant chief constables.


The 7,000-member Toronto Police Association said it would either sue or target with advertising campaigns politicians, government agencies and others whose criticism brings "unnecessary hardship" on police officers. The association said it has a multi-million dollar fund to back up its campaign and would hire a civil litigation firm to handle any lawsuits.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled police answering a 911 call do not need a search warrant to enter a home. The court said that in calling 911, a caller was waiving a right to privacy. The case involved a man convicted of assaulting a police officer after his wife called 911 for help. The man tried to stop police entering the house and argued police conducted an unconstitutional search when they entered his home.

An Internet site - linked to the Canadian Police Intelligence Computer system allows the public to find if a vehicle is stolen by typing in the license number. Suspicious vehicles can therefore be queried on the Internet.

The head of the largest auxiliary RCMP force in British Columbia said he would resign after the Mounties announced auxiliary officers in the province would no longer be allowed to carry weapons. …