Cuchulan among the Guns: Letters from Sir Arnold Bax to Christopher Whelen, Together with Whelen's Writings and Broadcasts on Bax and His Music

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CUCHULAN AMONG THE GUNS:Letters from Sir Arnold Bax to Christopher Whelen, together with Whelen s writings and broadcasts on Bax and his Music Edited by Dennis Andrews.Condor L15

This is a book about Sir Arnold Bax and his music, the title, with its reference to a Celtic poet famed for his nobility of character, reminds us that much of Bax's inspiration sprang from Celtic landscape and legend. Much, but by no means all, for Bax himself often became irritated by a critical tendency to confine him to Wales and Cornwall.

In fact, he was a man of broad imaginative vistas and a lot of his best work, such as the Third Symphony and much of his chamber music, is as absolute as any composed by his contemporaries.

Christopher Whelen fell under the spell of Bax's music when the composer was 66 but the age gap between the budding conductor and the then Master of the Queen's Music prospered into an intellectual affinity which enabled each to share an abundance of ideas on art, literature and, of course, music and the mysteries of composition. …