Best Dressed Contest Winners: Police Department: Best State Agency: Ohio State Highway Patrol

Article excerpt

2003 marks the 70th anniversary of the Ohio Slate Highway Patrol. This highly regarded state agency boasts a roster of 1,517 uniformed personnel in several divisions. They have developed separate operational policies (internal directives) on "Standard Uniform Issue," "Seasonal Dates" and "Guidelines for Wear." They also have a policy that specifically deals with "Appearance Standards."

Ohio State HP has a Tailor Shop at their headquarters facility that employs a full-time tailor as well as three seamstresses. A computerized records system maintains measurements for all uniformed personnel. Each officer is remeasured periodically (every two years) to insure proper fit. Also maintained is a comprehensive stock of all uniforms to insure immediate replacement of any and all damaged equipment.

The officers wear dark gray trousers with a black stripe and a black belt. The shirts are gray, worn with a black tie. Outerwear and jackets are black. The Campaign hat is gray, same as the shirt. …