Enchanting the Feminine Face of God (Finders Keepers: A National Feminist Spirituality Conference Held in London, Ontario)

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Enchanting the Feminine Face of God.

The techies couldn't figure out why the stage lights went out during a performance at "Finders Keepers," a national feminist spirituality conference held in late May in London, Ontario. They called it an "inexplicable power surge."

Nearly 700 women chuckled knowingly. Surely, they were making things happen.

This event, billed as a "springtime gathering for women," drew a huge crowd from every province and several US states to attend workshops, listen to speakers and participate in rituals.

Sherry Ruth Anderson, co-author of The Feminine Face of God, addressed the key question: "If we are finders of the sacred, how can we be keepers?" Using the children's rhyme "Finders keepers losers, weepers" as a starting point, she explained the process of spiritual exploration as being circular.

"First we are losers, we know there's something missing, there's an emptiness, a longing," said Anderson. "If you let your heart long for what it desires, as scary as that seems, then you become a weeper. And that's when you become a finder." As for keeping, well, Anderson suggested keeping the candle flame ignited at events such as the conference shouldn't be that difficult. The flame longs for us, she said, at least as much as we long for it. …