Greenwich, London, England

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"The Story of Time," the definitive millennium exhibition will take place at the home of time. As the final days of 1999 are counted down, the exhibit will be seen in the 17th century Queen's House, part of the National Maritime Museum. Billed as a truly international exhibition, it brings together 300 objects from museums and libraries around the world which will present an all-encompassing history of time across the earth from the earliest civilization. The exhibit will open on 1 December 1999.

The exhibition will be divided into five sections, the first titled, "The Creation of Time," or, how did the world begin? Here varied theories about the dawn of time will be explored.

The second section is "The Mechanics of Time." How do we divide time and why regulating and controlling time become such a widespread obsession. It will also explain the progression of timekeepers, from simple sundials to the atomic clock.

"In The Eye of the Beholder" is the third section's theme. …