The Spin

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"My name is Bob Rubin. I am a US citizen. Markets go up, and markets go down. I have nothing more to say."

-Remarks attributed to former US treasury secretary Robert Rubin in a spoof video entitled"Free Bob:A Documentary" made by colleagues in the US government to mark Rubin's departure.The video's plot revolves around Rubin being kidnapped by retired officials of Japan's Ministry of Finance, who demand that he say something positive about the Japanese economy.

The New York Times 7/13

"Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, Bob's free at last"

-Jesse Jackson appearing in "Free Bob:A Documentary." In the video,Jackson mediates Rubin's release.

The New York Times 7/13

"Where else do two billionaires report to someone else?"

-Ted Turner,Time Warner vice chairman, referring to himself and MediaOne beneficiary Amos Hostetter.

CableFax Daily 6/21

"Dear Guests--We regret very much to inform you that due to Pope John Paul II visit to Warsaw, between 10-14 of June 1999, serving and selling alcoholic beverages above 4,5% is prohibited. This decision is authorized by Polish Government. We apologize you for any inconvenience."

-A sign in Cafe Alexander at the Sobieski Hotel in Warsaw.

"He has not maimed or killed anyone. . . . People always smirk when I say I found him to be very si ht and hones"

-Stephen Pollard, a lawyer representing Nick Leeson in an interview with the Times following Leeson's release from prison in Singapore. Leeson, now 32, was a top derivatives trader for Barings Bank in Singapore when his unauthorized deals buried it under $1.4 billion of debt. Reuters 7/8

"The old wave is banks and consulants. The new thing is 20-person Internet companies."

-Seth Baum, a June graduate of UCLA's Anderson School of Management. Baum turned down offers from Deloitte & Touche and Diamond Technology Partners for a $75,000 job as senior marketing manager with, a one-year-old, on-line pet sup plies retailer in San Francisco. Petstore offered him 50,000 stock options that could make him a millionaire when it goes public. Forbes 7/26

"You can talk about numbers all day long, but actually showing in terms of stacks of paper what's involved with spam is much easier for a congressman who doesn't . …