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The Institute of Management Services (IMS) is the professional and qualifying body for people in management services. Founded in 1941, it is one of the largest professional associations in the world dedicated to the promotion, practice and development of techniques for improving productivity and quality.

The practice of management services involves the use of a range of techniques such as industrial engineering, work study, organisation and methods, management information and control systems and systems analysis. Over the years additional new techniques for improving business performance have been developed and the profession now incorporates human resource management, total quality management (TQM), business process re-engineering (BPR) and other expert systems. Management services techniques are used in most commercial and service organisations, both in the public and private sector.

The main objectives of the Institute are:

To create professional standards for the practice of management services and ensure those standards are maintained.

To provide a system of qualifying examinations to ensure recognition of those who aspire to the standards and ethics of the Institute.

To encourage research and development in management services.

To be a focal point for the practice and wider use of those disciplines.

To collaborate with other bodies in similar fields.

The Institute has a regional structure covering the United Kingdom, and many countries overseas, and offers technical meetings, works visits and social events. In addition there are specialist groups for productivity managers and consultants, and for people working in public services, textiles, transportation and logistics, finance, food and drink and TQM.

The Institute publishes the monthly magazine Management Services which carries news stories, articles and features enabling readers to keep abreast of developments in the profession. It also keeps members and subscribers up-to-date with the latest technology for improving productivity and reports on Institute activities and developments. With its classified section offering job vacancies together with education and training opportunities, Management Services is considered to be the leading journal in the field of productivity improvement.

The Institute's library, run in conjunction with the Institute of Management's Management Information Centre, contains a comprehensive range of books on management services. The Institute also operates a workfinders club and outplacement service, an information service, publishes handbooks, produces training videos and stages conferences, workshops and an annual conference.

The Institute's Certificate and Diploma courses are run by a number of colleges and commercial organisations and the IMS also runs a distance learning course for its Certificate. Some courses run by other institutes and educational establishments are recognised by the IMS and qualify under the approved exemption scheme. Full details of the IMS educational qualifications and exemption courses can be obtained from the Institute's head office at Enfield.

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Half a century through the

eyes of the Journal

Can you appreciate what it was like to be an MWSS, MIWSP and MWSOM before becoming MMS? There must be some readers who were called stranger names than these from the early days of the profession.

How we see today's Institute depends on where we came in. Then of course many readers merged as MII Tech (1965) or MOMS (1975).

This Official Journal of the Institute of Management Services, Volume 43, No 10, 1999, MANAGEMENT SERVICES is quite unlike Vol 1, 1957, WORK STUDY & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, the Official Journal of the Society of Industrial Engineers and the Work Study Society, in size, appearance, quality and content. …