Professional Books -- Family Therapy: Fundamentals of Theory and Practice by W. A. Griffin

Article excerpt

This book presents a straightforward introduction to the ideas, concepts, and some of the techniques of family therapy. It is designed as a beginning text for family therapy students and novice family therapists. Although based in the structural, strategic, and behavioral camps, the book provides a general conceptualization of family therapy. Each topic is well-referenced so that interested readers can delve deeper into new ideas.

It is obvious that William Griffin is a seasoned family therapy teacher who is used to discussing difficult ideas in a comprehensible manner. He highlights important concepts while encouraging the reader to avoid more trendy ideas until they have passed the test of time. He uses wit and wisdom in his commentary on the state of the field. Advanced therapists as well as novices will benefit from his ideas.

In the first two chapters, Griffin discusses how family therapy differs from individual therapy. Griffin does a fine job of explaining how the family is viewed as an interactional entity and not the sum of several individuals. I strongly recommend these two chapters to new trainees to help them understand a systems perspective. These chapters would also provide excellent support to family therapists trying to earn marriage and family therapy certification in their states. …