Stars in the Corps: Movie Actors in the United States Marines

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STARS IN THE CORPS: Movie Actors in the United States Marines, by James E. Wise, Jr., and Anne Collier Rehill; Naval Institute Press: 264 pages. $28.95 $28.95

A companion volume to the popular Stars in Blue: Movie Actors in America's Sea Services by the same authors, this book is filled with more than 30 celebrity profiles of motion picture stars who served in the US Marine Corps from World War I through Vietnam. Many readers will discover for the first time the contributions to the Corps of such actors as Steve McQueen, Gene Hackman, Harvey Keitel, Brian Dennehy, Hugh O'Brian, and Ed McMahon, and the heroic actions of Marines like Sterling Hayden, Brian Keith, Dale Dye, and Lee Marvin.

Best remembered for his Academy Award-winning portrayals of iconoclastic film characters, Lee Marvin played the most important role of his life in World War II. One of many surprises in this book is a description of his heroism as a member of the 4th Marine Division during the invasion of Saipan. Another is the fact that Marvin chose to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery with a simple marker identifying him only as a Marine, not a movie star. Sterling Hayden, a well-known movie star before World War II, changed his name upon commissioning to conceal his movie identity. An experienced seaman and parachutist and a graduate of a British commando training school, he joined the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and aided Marshal Tito's partisans in their guerrilla warfare against the Germans, winning a Silver Star for rescuing pilots behind enemy lines. …