Marketing at Convention

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Saddle up for San Antonio and lasso the latest marketing advice

Next month in San Antonio, community banking's main event kicks off-the ICBA National Convention and Techworld. It's always an education-packed extravaganza of workshops and speakers discussing the hottest industry topics. This year, three bank marketing workshops promise to be no exception.

So saddle up, dust off your marketing boots and meet us for marketing at the Alamo.

D-base Marketing. Banking industry publications, including past Independent Banker issues, are rife with articles on a new craze-database marketing. Marketing Customer Information Files systems let your bank to pull together tidbits of customer information scattered in various databases. Armed with information ranging from customer birthdays to CD expiration dates, MCIF systems allow your bank to anticipate your customer's next financial needs, desires and purchases.

However, in the end, it's not the fancy MCIF software that counts, it's how it is used that reaps dividends. That's why one convention workshop will feature two marketing experts who will coach you on getting the results you expect from your MCIF.

The Centrax Group's president, Jay Kassing, and senior vice president, Linda Crank, will guide you through various MCIF possibilities. Hands-off decision-makers will benefit as much as hands-on MCIF users. All bankers will come away with new ideas to increase their bank's sales and profits.

Building Core Deposits. "My core deposits are down-what can I do to change this?" Bankers across the country are asking this question. With the passage of the Financial Modernization Act of 1999, another giant wave of mergers will likely create new competition to whittle your bank's core deposits. However, one ICBA convention workshop is designed to help. …